Digital Bill of Rights

Chris Cappuccio writes:

Bob, I see this in your digital bill of rights:

The right to protection, should we so choose, from mail bombing,
automatic mailers, large, unrequested file or data transfers and
similar harassments.

How does the RBL violate this? I agree with most judgments made
by the RBL team. I subscribe. End of story... If someone can't
send me junk mail, I still feel pretty free. If someone tries to
send legitimate mail and it fails, best of luck, hotmail exists

It violates this because it is,
for the most part, involuntary.
Furthermore it is a violation
of certain fundamental principles
of freedom of association and
communications besides being a
kind of repulsive and rather
juvenille vigilante activity
in response to the rather messy
liberties of a democracy. I *do*
have the right to send flyers
in an election to my constituents.
I *do* have the right to mail
announcments to my neighbours.
*No-one* have the right to
interfere with these lawful
activities in a civil society.
You are all - Vixie foremost -
degrading into envelope steaming,
mail trashing creeps. hardly
the society I want to see for
the digital age.

Bob Allisat

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