Digex transparent proxying

It might also be time for content providers of time-sensitive data on the web
to redirect requests coming from Digex' proxy harvest machines to a web page
that says something along the lines of "Digex has intercepted your web request
and directed it through their web caching system. This impacts the
time-sensitive data at this site. Hence you cannot access this site in this
manner. Please contact Digex at [insert contact info here] and politely ask
Digex to stop intercepting your web requests. When Digex removes this
interception mechanism and permits you to connect directly to this site again
without any interference or interception, you will again have full access.
Please understand we cannot offer full access without a direct, unintercepted
connection. Otherwise we cannot maintain the quality and timeliness of the
data this web site provides due to interference by a third party." And so
forth. Just an idea really.

Or does this hijacking mechanism NOT use harvesting techniques that can be
detected by the source IP address?

Blah. Tis late, I must be babbling incoherently.

Aaron out.

For the record, Cisco cache engines honor the 'no-cache' tags. If
content providers who deliver time sensitive data use these tags there
is no issue.

We have been using cache engines here for about a month, and we have
only had one minor incident (an authentication issue). Otherwise,
they have practically paid for themselfs already.