dialup/dsl/cable rbl recommendations


I'm in the process of moving our userbase to a new mailserver, but in the
meantime limping along on old hardware. In an effort to get some
rudimentary spam blocking in place, I've added a number of rbls. So far
this has helped, but I'm still seeing a ton of direct-to-mx junk coming in
from adsl and cable users. This is with the following rbls that are
supposed to target dial/dsl/cable dynamic IPs:

dialups.visi.com (mirror of PADL list)

Are there any other "dynablocker" type lists?

I still see a large amount of spam coming from US cable and dsl IPs, and
the hit rates on the above lists are relatively small.

I'd appreciate any pointers, especially from those actively using other
lists. (But please restrain yourselves from commenting on the validity of
blocking end-user IPs - I won't be held responsible for any ensuing
week-long flamefest)