Dial-in access

Dans son message, Kent W. England ecrivait:

If you are dealing with an existing voice switch, I don't think you have
much choice but to handle it with that voice switch vendor's product. Third
party solutions seem to have too much to do with handling call recognition
to be cost effective. Both Nortel and Lucent have announced plans to deal
with data calls by off-loading from the first voice switch onto a packet
network. Frankly, I don't understand enough about voice switch architecture
to know how well that deals with first-switch overloading, but it will
certainly deal well with the inter-office trunk overloading that is
prevalent in the US architecture.

I recommend exploring TR-303 technology based on Bellcore's TR-NWT-000303
specification. Everybody can do tandem trunk relief and far-end office relief
now. It is the near-end office relief that is being tackled now.

data services are feasible? If not, you could always swim uphill with xDSL
or cable modems. :slight_smile:

I won't get into that here ... :wink: