Diagnostic Tools

Sorry it took so long to reply. Work gets in the way...

Nicolas Maton wrote:


I still don't get the global picture??
You want to poll routers andso outside of your network ?

That's the idea I had, yeah. The traffic on my network is not hard to
pull. We can analyze that data forever. What I'm curious about is the
performance, or detection of problems in the routers that serve other
networks, the gateways. Not like I'm curious about your internal network
or anything, just there should be some way to determine the what, where,
when of a boggle on the internet.

I thought by now there'd be a nice package we could buy from somebody
that would pinpoint the problem(s). I was told they haven't developed
that yet and couldn't believe it.

If you have access to them you can use some monitoring software like

Big Brother
HP openvieuw
Aprisma Spectrum
and so on.....

If you mean something else please let me know so i can search an solution with you.

I'm not sure yet. Access is the rub, I think. Everyone is so proprietary
these days. I suppose it doesn't matter.

<<< Cogito ergo sum >>>

?? (as in, what does that mean?)