DHS Cyber Security Investment Study

NANOG members,

I am writing to ask for your participation in a study which I am working
on for the Department of Homeland Security on IT security investment
decisions. My intension is not to upset anyone with an unwanted
solicitation, so if you are uninterested in this topic, please disregard
the remainder of this email.

"Department of Homeland Security" Thats a Bush get out of jail card.
If New Orleans was anything to go by, "Department of Homeland
Security" has little credibility or infulence on the world stage,
accept within the U.S propaganda bubble of 24 hour news channels.

Any attempt at trying to analyze information about budget allocations
without at least some understanding of the IT policies is probably doomed
to failure. At least in our shop, there are things we track in a very
anal-retentive fashion, and information we don't bother collecting, *because*
our policies say the first is important and the second one is ignorable.

For instance, if I told you how many hundreds of dollars we spent on perimeter
firewalls last year, you'd be totally dazed and confused unless you understood
our thinking regarding perimeter firewalls. (And yes, "hundreds" is the right
units, and yes, we know what we're doing, and no, I don't want to hear how
we're nuts. It works *in our environment, YMMV...:slight_smile: