[DHCP Relay agent] send packets to different dhcp servers based on client options

Hello Folks,

I looking for an opensource project (can be a modification of the original isc-relay agent), which able to send packets to different DHCP servers based on DHCP options such as:

The Vendor Class Identifier (Option 60)

Vendor Class Identifier (Option 60) can be used by DHCP clients to identify the vendor and functionality of a DHCP client. The information is a variable length string of characters or octets which has a meaning specified by the vendor of the DHCP client.

If my vendor class identifier contains lets say:

  "motorola.fw0512.5112" string, send it to DHCP server 1 on ip
  "cisco.fw06411.111" string, send it to DHCP server 2 on ip

The existent relay agents (isc-relay, dhcp-helper) send a copy of all the dhcp servers of the dhcpdiscover message. This is definitely not what I want.


For ISC DHCP servers, turning off the 'authoritative' statement will
prevent the server from issuing DHCPNAKs, and should essentially allow
each server to ignore requests from unknown clients. See dhcpd.conf(5).