DEW alert

        I appologize for duplicates.
        Its almost time for the next quarterly walk of the inverse
tree of the DNS. For the last few quarters, I've been walking the
in-addr tree looking for numbers of delegations, accurate delegations,
and types and styles of error conditions.
        So... this is a heads up that you will be seeing zone transfers
being generated by a couple of the collecter machines here. For those of
you who utilize BINDs access controls, I'd appreciate your inclusion of
the collector machines in allowed transfers. The expectation
is that they will be the following IP addresses: and

Past data is at:
The run is scheduled to start 01 July 1999.

        If there are any questions or concerns, I'd be happy to talk
about them. Past data has been presented at IEPG, Apricot and RIPE
meetings. The expectation is that future data will be presented in
the same and similar forums.

-- bill