Dev. Mfg & ISP Filtering Requirements as set forth in Florida HB337/SB0870, and under similar bills in about 30 other states...

There's a bill being widely circulated and passing thru various chambers of
at least 30 states right now, commonly being referred to as the HUMAN
we're apparently calling this the "HB 337:Internet Access" bill.

Jokes, moral considerations and politics aside - Does anyone have any
further information on potentially related bills passing thru states beyond
Florida, and has anyone seriously considered the infrastructure
changes/impairments necessary to comply, in the unusual event that HB337 or
any of the many other bills in various other states passes?

Edited HB Brief: An act relating to Internet access; prohibiting covered
businesses from manufacturing, distributing, or selling certain devices
unless the device contains an active and operating filter that blocks
Internet access to specified types of sexually oriented material,
prostitution, assignation, lewdness, and human trafficking; providing for
injunctive relief for violations; providing requirements for a consumer to
have such filter deactivated; requiring a filter deactivation fee and
providing for the collection and distribution thereof; prohibiting the
distribution or sale of certain devices without filters to minors and
adults; providing criminal penalties; providing for jurisdiction to
prosecute violations; providing for continuing duties of covered
businesses; requiring covered businesses to respond to reports of obscene
material that has breached the filter; providing for civil penalties for
violations; requiring covered businesses to unblock non obscene material;
exempting certain websites from filtering; amending s. 16.56, F.S.;
authorizing the Office of Statewide Prosecution to prosecute violations;
providing an effective date.

The Full Text can be found here: FL/HB 337

On the technical side, you'd probably find yourself chuckling through this
reading exercise. However, our regulatory attorney was assured this bill
for which is currently under consideration is no laughing matter and is
being seriously considered in a multitude of state venues, while others
have been dismissive. We've initiated several calls with aide's for Rep.
Spanos, the Florida House sponsor, and from what we can tell, the bill is
far from the chopping block. Considering the technical impacts not only to
internet access device manufacturers, and the implied impacts on service
providers like ourselves, i'm surprised it hasn't garnered more attention,

From a curiosity perspective: The source of this bill appears to be an

individual by the name Mark "Chris" Sevier, the same individual whom has
virtually sued most of Silicon Valley, and I'll leave it at that in hopes
of being able to keep this thread on a technical/legislative tone.

NANOG note: Our objective in starting this tread is not to question the
intent, moral purpose or potential political agendas surrounding Florida
House Bill 337 or bills of similar nature, only it's technical impact on
device manufacturers, internet access providers and other alike
legislatively covered businesses, assuming passage, as currently written.

At least one version of this bill allows the consumer to opt-out - by appearing
at the manufacturer or wholesaler (*not* retailer) *in person* (to prove they
are of legal age etc) and request being opted out.

There's also requirements that the manufacturers maintain an updated block list,
with penalties for failure to do so.

Those of you who provide CPE gear should ponder where that leaves you...

Bonus points for figuring out what this effectively means for devices
actually assembled in China for sale in the US...