Desperately Seeking APNIC

Would anyone here know of any 24x7 contact at APNIC? The TXT records
indicate they just signed the reverse zone for today, and
the delegations for our IP blocks disappeared when they did; and the helpdesk is
currently not answering the phones:

Trying to find someone there who can fix the delegations within the zone for 222 and 223 for us, and am running
into dead ends. :confused: Any pointers would be appreciated.



You may have well had a relevant response by now, but the phone numbers at are known to
work, and their helpdesk opens in 15 minutes (Brisbane observing UTC+10).


Many of them are here in Kuala Lumpur for the APRICOT/APNIC meeting, of
which today is the last day, and it's currently just coming up on 7am. So
I'd guess you'll start getting answers in the next hour or so. If not,
let me know, and I'll run down there and start trying to find someone to
take a look at it.


I would just try now. APNIC is based in Brisbane which is UTC +10:00.

Hi. it's been handled, so sorry for a bit of delay, which is due to the APNIC/Apricot meeting going on in KL.

This problem was caused by missing WHOIS "domain" objects.

APNIC staff are helping Matthew to resolve the problem.