Despamming wholesale dialup

Unless you use Microsoft products. Outlook smtp's, then pops.


There are solutions available to this problem, the primary one being the
"smtp-after-pop" hack that is widely available and fairly widely used.

Essentially, issuing a STAT command opens up an SMTP relay window for
<admin-definable> minutes, whereupon if the user hasn't issued another STAT
in the mean time [e.g. they logged off] the "hole" goes away.

We were using that at my last job and it works just fine.

Bryan Bradsby wrote:

Block port 25 (only) from all "open modem banks" (TM) to my SMTP servers.
If implemented on a large enough scale, the modem user will be
'encouraged' to use the SMTP server supplied with their account. Make each
dialup customer go through, and be authenticated by their own SMTP


Yeah, but the SMTP will fail, then it will POP. The subsequent SMTP will go

Eudora (<4.1) also did that. Although Eudora 4.1+ now do parallel tasks, so
all bets are off on which one will hit and take effect first. :slight_smile:

But this thread has severely degraded beyond the scope of NANOG. I think we
should take this one off-list.