Deploying IPv6 globally

Many North American based organizations operate with their ARIN issued BGP
AS distributed globally.

When I discussed obtaining IPv6 space from ARIN a few years ago, they told
me to submit an individual request for each of my sites (and they'd issue a
/48 or larger based on the site). This is the process I've been following,
until now, for my North American sites...

My question is, has anyone started deploying ARIN IP space to their global
offices? If so, how are you registering those sites with ARIN?
Or did they tell you something else?



At a previous company my pi assigment request included our overseas sites. the bulk of the assignment and the business unit making the request were based in north america. resulting request was for a /43.


I have done this several times for NA orgs with global sites with ARIN and for EU orgs with global sites with RIPE.

ARIN were fine, RIPE just excluded any non-RIPE governed locations from the calculation criteria, however they were granted on all counts.


Not a problem. As long as you are HQ in the ARIN region, you can obtain
space from ARIN regardless of where you use it. You also have the option
of getting the space from whatever RIR the particular infrastructure is
located within.