So in Denver Comfluent\CoreSite seems to be the place to be... except as someone that predominately serves eyeball networks, I'm interested in NetFlix. NetFlix is in EdgeConneX... where no other significant peering is happening.

Also, my partner who has been looking into the Denver market said that CoreSite costs more than Chicago Equinix.

Any recommendations for where to go? Seems like both main options suck, but there aren't any better.

This would be for eyeball networks getting peering with the big content guys and cheaper transit than the tier 4\5\6\7\8 (how small of markets get numbers?) where they're located.

Any significant web hosting operations in the Denver market? Someone that's bigger than "Bob's DS3 Web Hosting", but not SoftLayer size where they can't get creative with their services.

Handy Networks in Denver have a pretty decent footprint, good people too.