default routes on Ciscos

Just curious if anyone out there knows of a way to configure default
routes on a per interface basis on a Cisco. So that different interfaces
had different default routes statically defined.

Others here have pointed out that this can be done using policy based routing.
It's pretty hard to do per-interface default routes when you're not the sink
for the packets, though, since there's otherwise no protocol control block or
other state to hang the outbound default on. I suppose you could just do round
robin for your outbound traffic.

If you're using a BSD/OS, NetBSD, or FreeBSD machine and you're doing multi-
homed web service (which _does_ give you protocol control blocks to use to
hold your default route binding for outbound packets), there's some free code
available to support per-interface default routes. It's a small change to the
kernel and an even smaller one to the "route" and "netstat" commands.

See for source code and SF NANOG slides.