"Default" Internet Service (was: Re: Points on your Internet

I don't think it should be limited to cable and dsl providers. I
think this model is applicable across the board, and, I think it is a
reasonable solution. ...

thanks for your kind words, but this only scales. for a home dsl/cable user
(or a home ppp user if there still are any), values of N are imaginable, like
USD$500.00 for example, where the cost of paying a fraction of it is close to
the cost of managing the operating systems of the connected computers, which
assumes that (a) there are many millions of possible customers for this, and
(b) the operating system environments are mostly identical or very simple,
like bimodal between apple mac/os x and microsoft windows xp.

to offer this "across the board" one would find that the cost of providing
operating system management to the average T1 user is far far far in excess
of what that user is willing to pay to avoid progressive fines. but that's
actually not a problem, since there are comparatively few of these users and
they're probably paying enough to justify a real abuse desk for them.