Dedicated Server and IP anycast provider recommendation


I would checkout NetActuate. They are pretty awesome when it comes to Anycast IPv4 /IPv6 and they do custom VM's.

Anthony Leto

Hello, is a community maintained spreadsheet with details of
providers who offer BGP sessions across the world. I think it will be
useful for you.


I would recommend Vultr, you can bring your own IP address and set up BGP
session using VM.

Their BGP service are fully automated and provide well-documented BGP
community for traffic engineering.

We use for our anycast setup, their pricing isn't cheap compared to Vultr but it worth try.

If you commit on long-term you can get custom pricing.

Hi all,

As it was mentioned just thought I'd chime in - I'm the operator of - if you have any suggestions/additions shoot me a
mail off-list and I'll be more than happy to add them.