Dedicated Server and IP anycast provider recommendation


For those that may have used or know of a service like this. I know
some exist, but it doesn't seem to be that popular or widely advertised
as a standard service.

I'm interested in pointers to a hosting/network provider that leases
dedicated servers and can provide an anycast IP address assignment to
two or more US-diversely connected POPs, but with reasonably consistent
routing (e.g. peering, transit). A customer-shared prefix is OK. I'm
interested in pointers to networks that would provide the prefix and
handle all the routing.

If you represent a network and sales is part of your job, I don't mind
an off list pointer to a web page describing such a service, but please,
this is not an invitation for "call me to discuss needs and options"
replies nor an opportunity to get me on your customer prospect list.
You likely ensure I never do business with you if you do either of
those things. :slight_smile:

Thank you,


Depending on the details of what you're after, Packet Host and/or Vultr might suffice. They do BGP, IPv4 & IPv6 even. They have various flavors of servers, some of which might meet your definition of "dedicated". I do a little BGP-based anycast DNS with both of them, with pretty decent results.

As mentioned is the MaaS provider that fits the
bill. You can optionally order servers like this from HE and other IXPs for
a price.

I can second Vultr. Their BGP+VPS product is inexpensive, it worked
right the first time and it has continued working properly.

Bill Herrin

vultr ? Is this the same vultr that appears to be hosting a lot of Sony PlayStation games ?

I've been tshooting PS4 CGNAT issues and seeing my test ps4 gaming console connecting to Vultr owned /27 address space all over the US.... Chicago, Miami, Seattle, etc


Netactuate has been doing this for years.

I highly recommend them.


+1 for Netactuate. can be done in two or three locations , La, Chicago, ashburn,
and done with dedicated, colo or cloud.

Not sure you're still looking for something, but there's this spreadsheet that has a few pointers:


Not quite a dedicated server, but may meet your needs anyway:


Thanks again. This is at least the third time someone has pointed this
web page out to me. :slight_smile:

To summarize, NetActuate and Packet were two of the most commonly
suggested providers and probably the closest to what I was asking for.

Some well known providers can do this, but don't have a specific web
page / service offering describing it as a standard product offering.

Many others, such as the often mentioned Vultr, require you to bring
your own BGP speaker and prefix.

What I was asking for isn't a popular, mass-marketed product offering,
but is available. It just requires some research and careful

I think I"m familiar many hosting providers, especially the so-called
low-end/cost providers for an entirely separate project. I'm always
interested in those too, but not specifically for their ability to
speak BGP. I maintain my own list here of providers I use here:


Follow ups about that list are best sent to me directly or at that page

Thanks for all the on/off list replies and suggestions.