decreasing traffic

We are about six weeks away from the retirement of the
NSFNET backbone service. In looking at the traffic
statistics for the various access points to the
NSFNET service, most ENSSes have seen a reduction
in traffic into the backbone, but there is still a
significant amount of traffic which still traverses

Merit has posted a histogram on which shows the number of packets into
the nodes of the backbone in the last 6 months (Sept'94
to Feb'95). The 10 nodes which are shown on this graph
are the top 10 originators of traffic into the backbone in
February 1995.

If you are attached to one of the nodes highlighted on
our graph, please be aware that these attachments to
the NSFNET Backbone Service will be retired as of
April 30, 1995. More detailed information about the
packets and bytes on the NSFNET Backbone Service can
be found on*.