death of the net predicted by deloitte -- film at 11

Multicast isn't going to help the phoneco atm network.

Indeed, people keep quoting that but it's a bogus argument
as nothing will help the phoneco atm network running out
of bandwidth other than upgrading it

That is happening, unicast/p2p/multicast/whatever, as all this
content is raising average user bandwidth

But if you accept that the average user only watches 3-6 hours of HDTV per
day, you can spread the load out over 24 hours, the effects on available
bandwidth can be reduced. The TIVO model appears to have an advantage for
the viewer (a large archive to select from) and for the phoneco's and ISP's
at the customer end.

When people have their akamai@home box that'll help for some cases. To
say it's a universal fix is a bogus as saying multicast will fix all