Dear Linkedin,

I use 1password, you might use LastPass. They both work on
Android, iPhone, Linux, Mac, Windows.

I'm surprised no one mentioned a locally stored (and backed up of
course) gpg encrypted file for securing all of your passwords. Very
simple solution for the technically inclined.


I have received bogus emails from both of the above on Friday.

These look like I bought something that in both cases I did not buy.
The EBAY was a golf club for $887 and the Amazon was a novel for $82,
far more than I would have spent on either.

I think I looked at the novel on Amazon and I remember the golf club
came up on a search with something else on Ebay.

How this information could get to someone spoofing is a little

I have changed EBAY and Paypal Passwords as instructed.

Ralph Brandt
Communications Engineer
HP Enterprise Services
Telephone +1 717.506.0802
FAX +1 717.506.4358
5095 Ritter Rd
Mechanicsburg PA 17055

Did the SMTP headers show the emails as coming from them?

I'm still trying to figure out how to put golf clubs or even spam into my router configuration.

Perhaps you intended this for a different list?