dealing with w32/bagle

We created bogus DNS entries for the following entries, known to be targeted by the worm:

The entries directed traffic to an interface on a router that can handle the traffic. Currently, we have a logging ACL that drops port 80 to the bogus IP. We might connect a sniffer with that IP address at some point with triggers loaded to notify when systems attempt to access the address. So far this has helped.

Any other suggestions are welcome.


Dan Hollis
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03/03/2004 03:24 PM

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I am curious how network operators are dealing with the latest w32/bagle
variants which seem particularly evil.

Also, does anyone have tools for regexp and purging these mails from unix
mailbox (not maildir) mailspool files? Eg purging these mails after the
fact if they were delivered to user’s mailboxes before your virus scanner
got a database update.