Deaggregating for emergency purposes

> >1. Call their NOC.
> typical response: you're not our customer, go away.

Typical response: You're not our customer, who are you?
I'm Omachonu Ogali with XYZ Networks, and I'd like to speak to
a network engineer regarding a routing problem.
-- Ah ok, please hold.

Omachonu Ogali

  Hum. I take ~4 calls each day for things that are some other
  ISPs problem. Folks are -politely- told that the issues
  are either with their ISP or someone upstream of their ISP.
  When they get pushy, I offer them a service contract. 99.999%
  (hey Sean, there are your five 9's!) of them then choose to
  work with thier ISPs. I suspect that you have more than enough
  clue to never have to give me a call, but if you do, be prepared
  to be re-directed... :slight_smile:


I hope you pay better attention on the phone then you do on lists. :slight_smile:

The point was calling up the upstream of the AS who is generating bogus
routes. The upstream of the caller is not at all involved.

Not necessarily, I could be the victim of a leak calling up
an ISP to report it. Or some bored person connected to
route-server.* constantly checking prefixes.