DDoS Question

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See all the previous mail threads about ISPs not doing anything :slight_smile:

Stop the bots on your networks; work with people to stop the bots
on other networks; work with law enforcement to put the criminals
in prison.

I don't want to pour gasoline on a burning fire (well, okay -- maybe
I do), but this issue is really out of hand.

I mean, the top ASN-originating "offender" pumped out somewhere
in the neighborhood of 2.27 billion (yes, "Billion", with a "B")
spam messages in the past 24 hours (from our perspective):


...and that's just the figure for one ASN with a bot
problem. And since virtually _all_ spam these days is

...it gets worse, but I won't get into it here.

It's a very frustrating problem.


- - ferg

This problem is easily solved by simply rejecting mail sent by servers on dynamic IP ranges…