DDOS - Law enforcement

Hi All, I just thought I would throw a little stone out here onto towards
all the law enforcement people who are inevitably watching this list. As
someone who, like most of the others on this list has to deal with the
effects of scumbags who send DDOS attacks towards my networks, It amazes me
how you cannot put more effort into the blatant DDOS for hire platforms that
are readily available to anyone. I mean how can these sites be allowed to
continue unmolested when you can spend so much effort on P2P platforms ? I
am referring to in particular - http://top10booters.com/ etc. How blatant do
these scumbags have to be, they are even using ".com" addresses !

You probably have to consider the amount of lobbying money sent toward
govts in your equation. Perhaps if you also lobbied the gov'ts in a
similar manner there would be resolution you'd like.

Remember that high-level resources aren't dedicated based on amount of
actual economic damage, but amount of lobbying effort/money.


    Last time I had to deal with the people that passes for law
enforcement around here.

    We where told to prouve 100k+ damage first before they even bother
meeting us.
    I think millage/traction vary per jurisdiction.

Remember that a single iPod full of pirated music is $8 billion of damage.