DDoS attacks

> This is pathetic. Someone asks for help and you demean them with jokes.

Who was joking? I wasn't. I suppose that we should all start posting
"HELP ME!" posts to NANOG instead of sending an email to/calling the NOC
of networks with which we are having issues with DIRECTLY. All the
original poster did was add to the impact of the attack in question. The
attackers can now say, "Look! We kicked SO MUCH BUTT THAT THEY HAD TO GO

I did not originally reply because I figured you were going for a troll.
Now I realize you're just clueless.

Just because IRC servers are the first to feel the effects of a new,
intense denial of service attack does not mean it should be ignored. The
"they brought it upon themselves" argument lost all merit (hehe - Merit),
when we saw large corporations (yahoo, ebay, cnn, etc) being brought to
their knees by the same types of attacks.

For what its worth, what we've seen in these attacks is somewhat new (log
included below courtesy of Steven Nash, Lightning Internet). We should
deal with them (and the networks they are coming from) now, and stop this
flame war.

lose the caps, lose the attitude, get a life, etc..


Adam Herscher
Administrator, irc.umich.edu