DC Circuit denies stay on Neutrality

Here is a delightful wacky weekend starter culture for you: a backgrounder on exactly what it means that the DC Circuit denied Verizon et alia a stay of execution on Title II reclassification.

Complete with bonus brony references.



It wasn't only the big guys requesting a stay.

Hundreds of people / companies on both sides.

The point of the article is not "Verizon lost", but that the FCC was not "crazy power-usurping unlawful" (direct quote from article).

I.e. The FFC has at least a moderate chance of prevailing.

Whether they should or not is actually not the point and only slightly related to the decision. Legal decisions are often misinterpreted by the press and lay people, and I'm sure this one will be to a great extent. I think the article did a good job of explaining it to anyone who reads it with an open mind.