datacenter scouting Boston area

Hi there,

I’m running a hosting company in Europe and I’m planning to go to the Boston area end of September to scout some datacenters for expansion into the USA. Which locations do you like/dislike? I’m also taking commercial contacts off list on my pro email (ml _at_ if any here to arrange the visits.


Hi there, “ML” from France. When I worked in the Boston area, several years ago, the more significant data centers were outside of Boston. I’m thinking of the Equinix locations in Billerica and Waltham. From a simple Google search, it looks like there are more options than I remember.

Ultimately, we went with ColoSpace - They’ve recently been acquired by FirstLight. The interesting thing about ColoSpace is that they lease several rows within the larger data center, and then will provide their customer with individual cabinet space. So, you could essentially have infrastructure in multiple locations, if you need it, and yet have one vendor to deal with.

All the best with that project. Boston is a great town, and September is one of the more pleasant times to be there.

There is Markley, which is right in Boston(and has a companion facility in Lowell).
There is coresite, which is in somerville, a stone’s throw from boston:
I think Digital realty trust may have a facility in needham.

I also agree with Mauricio, September (or autumn in general) is a good time to be in Boston/New England.