Datacenter Genset Summary


I have finished compiling all of your responses into a summary document. I included all of the concerns that were surfaced and discuss why, for our particular situation, we will be using one technology vs another. I anticipate some controversy, so try to keep your criticism constructive in nature and I will revise the document to include those points as well.

Thanks again to the operator community!

Dan Lockwood
Microsoft Certified Professional
CompTIA Network+ Certified
Cisco Certified Network Associate
  Phone service cut off after power outage
  Calgary - A power outage in a Telus equipment building knocked out phone
  service for thousands across southern Alberta Thursday night.

  The 911 service was also briefly affected, prompting an alert to flash
  across television screens, advising people who required emergency
  assistance to drive to the nearest fire or police station. That service
  was restored first.
  The back-up generator kicked in but then itself suffered a fault which
  required the replacement of specialist parts, the firm said.

  Standby batteries for the back-up were exhausted by the time the repairs
  were completed, knocking out Demon's email and e-commerce services. Some
  leased line users lost their connection completely.

  Customer service phone lines also suffered, leaving users with a
  restricted service as they tried to discover what was going on.