Data Centers in LA - CRG West

We are in the process of evaluating Equinix and CRG West in LA. Before we ink a deal, can anyone give some feedback on CRG West? I have had some minor direct operational experience with them in the past with a former employer. If anyone has some history with them; good, bad or informational on things to watch for throughout a lifecycle of a couple years with them would be appreciated. They seem pretty sound, but some things have cropped up as we have started looking at a possible contract.

So if you have an opinion on the following please let me know on/off list as appropriate:

Difficulties during contract phase other than terms. i.e. rights assignments, reps and warrants, etc..
Implementation issues during setup and install.
Operational issues with HVAC/power/xcons/remote hands..
Any2 pitfalls.
Integrity if issues arise.

Comments would be welcome.. thanks!