Data Center Flooring

We recently took possession of a building which part of it was used for a teleco room by a Cellular company. The floor looks like crap. So we were thinking about maybe just putting another new flooring on top. Currently it has some type of tile looking flooring. I have been told the the entry way into the building is Anti-static. However No idea on the actual data center flooring.

I know in the past there have been talks about datacenter flooring. (Even Carpet if I recall). What I am wondering is does the actual datacenter flooring need to be like Static Dissipating. (Found something that does that for about $10.00 a Sqr foot). Or can it just be non static generating or like non conducting. Not quite sure the wording to use here.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated on or off the list.


We normally spec out VCT static dissipative floor tiling for our technical spaces that are not on raised flooring.


If you are thinking of VCT, try stained+polished concrete. Naturally
grounded for low-humidity spaces, supports >3500PSI point loads, and
much better looking.

We have operated with several types of floor in four locations over the last 15 years (Raised, VCT, painted, and polished concrete).

Personally, I like the look of the polished concrete the best. It's relatively cheap and easy to do. Epoxy and VCT tend to get hurt over time and require considerably maintenance. If you want any pics, let me know.

Thank you for the information, both on and off-list.

It has been very helpful.

Also it looks likes the current tiles are VCT so no Asbestos currently.


Mark Keymer

If I may give a +1 to the concrete. Polishing is part of the install
and often the harsh surface is intended for adhesives or shoe/tire
grip. As mentioned the reduced cost is also great.