Dampening considered harmful? (Was: Re: verizon.net and other email grief)

An even more important consideration is whether our current paradigm of flap dampening actually is the behavior that we want to penalize.

If a single link bounces just once, then thanks to our mesh, confederations, differing MRAI's etc., we can see many many changes to the AS path, resulting in dampening. Do we really want to inflict pain over such an incident?


Of course not. Dampening should be set on a router according to that router's views. The more chances a router can see a single event multiplied, the more lax dampening should be on that router.

I think Rob Thomas's saying of "know your network" really applies here.

In my book, the threat of dampening to anyone not playing nice is the true value of route dampening. Automatic enforcement of etiquette.