Dallas Dark Fiber


I want to understand the Dallas dark fiber market. Who are the major players? Who has done recent builds (2010 onward)? Who has 864 strand cables for sale? Who has dense coverage with good manhole access to buildings and utility structures?

Thanks in advance.



Zayo, Consolidated and Crown Castle are my go-tos. They have the biggest footprints in the DFW market.


FiberLight is a strong player in TX and has a number of new builds throughout Dallas and beyond.

I have had good service with https://www.innercityfiber.net/ in Dallas.

There is a website for finding this… https://live.infrapedia.com lots of options windstream. Zayo, CC…

I think for submarine this might be useful, for anything else I wouldn’t even call infapedia even in an alpha testing stage.

+1 for ICFN (innercityfiber)