DACS vendor (additional details)


What is your configuration need, and capacity(payload) requirement
regarding bandwidth. Also, one would need to understand how many
DS0's (zeros) per DS1 you wish to split, and if any of them will
need to be paired, as in dual channel ISDN.

Richard Newcomb


Thanks for your response. I should have provided more details in
my message. I am CC'ing this response to the group so that these
details are clear. I have already received several useful responses
and will issue a summary when the message frequency drops.

We will be splitting T1's into 128's, 256's, ... (not 56Kb lines
because the lower bandwidth lines have 56Kb local loops). The T1
lines would typically be split into a maximum of eight various
speed ports (128-512, occasionally 56, but not typically). I am
assuming that products exist to split directly into a 256Kb without
requiring that multiple 56's to be bundled, but this may not be the
case (I would appreciate clarification on this point). We may
subsequently use it for 56K lines, so a chassis that supports both
8-way and 24-way cards is helpful. Approximately 50 T1's are currently
candidates for splitting to lower bandwidth. Our preference is to use
multiple small capacity DACS rather than larger 'megaDACs' to minimize
the impact of a chassis failure. We will have at least one unpopulated
hot spare in each location.