D.C. area based ISP's unite


o ISPs Form DC-based Organization To Battle Large Telecom Firms
Washington, DC -- About 200 Internet service providers (ISPs) from around
the country have formed a new organization based in Washington DC that
will battle against what they call "monopolistic local telephone
companies" regarding the future deployment of broadband. The new DC-based
organization, called The BroadNet Alliance, plans to lobby the federal
government on behalf of smaller ISPs. "How America chooses to deploy
broadband is one of the most central policy issues of our time. Though
there are many voices on the traditional long distance, cable and local
telephone sides, the country's independent broadband providers have lacked
a clear voice in the debate," said Maura Colleton, Executive Director of

Its interesting that an organization of ISPs has a press release before the
website is up. :slight_smile: