CX4 to XFP


I need to connect a router and a server over 10G. The router has a XFP
interface and the server has a CX4 interface.

Has anyone else undertaken a similar setup? What were the difficulties you
encountered especially in terms of reduced throughput, packet loss etc. Any
recommended media converters?

I would appreciate any insight as to how I would go about getting this done?


Why media converter? There are CX4 XFPs as far as I can google...

the cx4 interface is xaui 4x3Gb/s, as is xenpack. xfp is xfi 1 x 10Gb/s
so connecting the two requires a serdes device.

"The XFP-CX4 copper transceiver module provides cost effective and reliable transport of 10 Gigabit Ethernet LAN data over distances of up to 15 meters. Transparently to the user, the module transfers the 10GbE data stream over four full-duplex 3.125 GigaBaud channels over a single parallel copper cable. The product offers the ability to scale bandwidth in 10 Gigabit increments, and directly with the industry standard MDI electrical socket."

I guess this one does that?

yes... so does converting it from xaui to optical. Not objecting to the
characterization of the existance of xfp/cx4 connections, only
clarifying what such a device does.

you're mixing up interfaces here. This is certainly true of the electrical
interface between transceiver and transceiver port. However, the client
side interface is standard CX4, so any CX4 device should work fine,
including XFP CX4 (which - unlike most XFPs - will contain a serdes).