cw/mci meltdown @ mae-west san fransisco?

I'm noticing similar problems this AM with CW's backbone starting at
bloomington heading back east to DC. Can anyone (preferrably from CW)
provide a tidbit of information on what is happening, or when this will be

Jay Stewart
Vice President
Olympia Networking Services

15 * 1002 ms *

16 1612 ms * *

17 * 1081 ms *
18 * * * Request timed out.
19 1181 ms 1082 ms *
20 1442 ms 1172 ms *
21 1082 ms 1131 ms *
22 * 1131 ms *
23 1091 ms 1202 ms *
24 * * 1162 ms

There have been two problems affecting the performance of our network in
the past 24 hours. The first problem which has been hammered out on this
list is the leaking of our routes by other providers. Our noc is still
working with some other ISPs to get this issue resolved. Currently some
large backbones are still seeing some more specific pieces of our netblocks
that are not pointing directly to our network.
  In addition to this (and possibly caused by this) we had an increase in
traffic in our San Francisco node. This increase congested one of our Fddi
rings. This caused problems for a subset of our routers in the San
Francisco area. Steps were taken to alleviate the immediate problem and it
will be closely monitored. To be clear, the problem was localize to just a
handful of routers and just to a single node.

  The congestion problem was fixed early this morning. I apologize for
delay in posting.

Jeff Swinton
Manager, Backbone Design
Cable & Wireless Internet Engineering