Customer moving colo. Opinions please.

I have a client that is looking to move from one colo facilty to another
more provider-neutral facility. They are wanting to be able to purchase
transit directly from several carriers without being steered one way or
the other. So, if they want 100mbits from carrier 'A' and carrier 'B',
they simply want to pay a cross-connect and be done with that part. Of
course fees to the tranist provider would be paid.

So with that said, what are the list's preferences regarding OneWilshire
vs. Equinix in Los Angeles? Do any of the tier[1-2] guys prefer one
over the other? We have seen both and most of the big players are in
both. What about the more middle guys? The peering in EquinixLA seems
about ready to take off. While PAIX at OneWilshire is just getting
started. Does anyone expect one of the peering effors to dominate and
the other stagnate? From a "being able to purchase transit" point of
view, they both seem an excellent choice. From a "how does the wiring
look" point of view, one of them ... ahem ... needs improvement,
*cough* 4th floor. So, I guess the whole point is, "what am I not
seeing that would steer me (nee, my client) towards one or the other?"

Chris Johnston <>
949-653-8819 (fax)