Customer AS

Jon Zeeff wrote:

Isn't this the provider that says that dual-homing to them (ie, not
to another provider) should always be adequate?

Yep this is sprintlink. Sprint has been having route flapping problems for
past 3 days. Their NOC and engineers have been unable to pinpoint it.
The master ticket from customer maintenance 6554885 said the cause was
IS-IS routing problems.

> As a sprintlink customer I can say that today was from hell. Couldn't
> reach *any* of the root nameservers for about 2-3 hours, of course

before > >I

> discovered it was a sprintlink problem I killed and restarted named


> loosing my cache :frowning: and things still aren't back to normal. NOC said


> they were having major "route-flapping" problems, and were trying to
> determine the source of the problem. I hope they've figured it out.

You were lucky. Looking at my routing table shows the majority of the
routes from sprintlink to be about 6 hours old. This is best I have seen
in the past few days. Most of the time the routes from them have been less
than 20 minutes old.

Chris MacFarland