Customer AS

What's even worse, you have to depend on the quality of programmers.
Since many programs only try the first IP address in the DNS response,
you'll get more failures as the DNS round-robins through a down provider's
address block. Unless you start make dynamic changes of your DNS records
based on your routing state, blech. Maybe I missed something, and Paul
Vixie intends to integrate BGP-5 and Bind-5.1.0.

Nope. Not only is DNS not a good directory system (see my comments on
".COM is full" on the ietf list last year), it's not a good routing system
either. That it can be abused to either purpose is not significant, since
99% of the people and companies who will be on the Internet aren't here yet.

Under the heading, history repeats itself, sortlist isn't much of a
solution either.

I coauthored <draft-gulbrandsen-dns-rr-srvcs-03.txt> just to fix sortlist.