Custom Wireless Solution

How secure is this connection? Does 802.11
provide security implicitly?

802.11 provides basic authentication with SSID's, and encryption with WEP
(Wireless Encryption Protocol). Neither is particularly hard to crack, but
it does protect you from casual intrusion.


please pardon the late follow-up.

Small bit of information here guys/gals,

802.11 uses frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) technology, and is
rated at 3 mbit (2mbit real) using the 2.4 to 2.483 ghz ISM band, due to
the frequency hopping, and low data rate, it is possible to squeeze more
clients, and access points, into the same air space, 802.11b uses direct
sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) and is rated at 11mbit (6mbit real),
implements WEP, but only allows 3 access points per airspace (each access
point will use up 1/3 of the band) with a usable maximum of about 16
clients (YMMV).

I ran an ISP deploying 802.11 wireless internet to the clients, using
802.11b along with some proprietary 45mbit 5.2/5.8ghz radios for the backbone.
Yes, you run into problems with schools/college dorms/mom & pop/microwave
ovens/cordless phones/etc, no, it doesn't work well for that sort of thing
(wasn't my idea =)

As a side note, we did manage to get a 21 mile link working with 150 feet
of elevation on both ends, dual 24dbi grid antennas (directional, small
beamwidth) on both ends, and 4 watts EIRP (on both ends).

        Matthew S. Hallacy