Custom fiber for FTT* deployment

I am researching a project that would involve running fiber to several
thousand kiosks in a dense metro area. My $dayjob owns very dense metro
fiber footpring in the metro in question, but splicing costs are high, and
I prefer not to strand a lot of backbone fibers if at all possible.
The customer's plan is to have a hub connected with a 10G link, and 9
spokes connected to the hub via a 1G link. The initial plan was to build
laterals to the hub site, connect the hub site to backbone fiber that runs
to a site with 10G switches, build laterals to each of the spoke sites, and
have each of the spokes connected to backbone fiber pairs to the hub
lateral and then to the hub Ethernet switches.
I've been thinking about a more efficient way to do this, and I thought
that I had read something on this list several years ago about custom fiber
bundles with something like X pairs of different lengths in a single
bundle. I would ideally like to be able to order a bundle with 10 pairs of
SM fiber, with 2 pairs being 200' long, 2 pairs being 400' long, 2 pairs
being 600' long, 2 pairs being 800' long, and the remaining 2 pairs being
1000' long.
Has anyone ordered this type of fiber bundle before, and could you
recommend a vendor that I can speak with about this?