Current prefix length filtering

I just recieved a new allocation from the internic. I had requested an
/18 (based upon my previous allocation of an /18). The internic
unfortunately has decided that an /19 is the largest block they can
justify allocating to me. I don't want to get into an internic war here,
although I am not that happy about the size of the allocation, as I feel
that I've done everything right in conserving address space instead of
doing what some smaller providers do and allocate everyone a /24, which
would have consumed my /18 in 3 months instead of a year or so.

The real question I have for nanog is who is filtering on 209/8 for
prefixes longer than /18? I'm quite concerned about connectivity to the
customers I'm going to have to put in this /19. Have all the major
providers started filtering on /19's or am I going to have major problems
with this block?


Most people who filter recently allocated part of 192/2 space filter on
/19s. Sprint originally filtered on /18s but relaxed that to coordinate
better with registry allocation policies.