Tim Wilde <> 4/12/04 9:00:11 AM >>>

Quick followup to my own post. I shouldn't have said that all .org
names won't resolve because that doesn't appear to be the case, but


does appear that some are not resolving.

Anyone know what's going on?

Examples would help... a quick sampling of .orgs seems to show them


resolving just fine from my perspective on things.

Hmm...I'm beginning to wonder if I've jumped the gun a little bit. I
saw someone else's post about .org names not resolving and I assumed
that there was a greater issue at hand. However, so far the only .org I
can't get to resolve is; everything else I've tried
so far this morning is actually working.

I'll step back under my rock until I get a better idea of what's
happening. I haven't had enough caffeine to be very good at
troubleshooting on a Monday. :slight_smile: