CUPS in a BNG?

Anyone have any thoughts on this CUPS thing? I have a customer asking, but it seems the lack of CP resiliency and additional latency between the DP and CP make this a really dumb idea. Has anyone tried it? Does it make any sense?


The CUPS makes a lot of sense for this application. Latency is dependent on the design, and equipment used. I’ve seen/done several designs for this using two different vendors equipment and two different BNG software stacks.

When I do a design for BNG from scratch, this is how I do it now. :slight_smile:

As always… YMMV.

  • Brian

What is it about the architecture that makes it a preferred solution. I get that centralizing the user databases makes sense, but why the control plane. What benefit does that have?

OK - That makes sense. For scaling a CP, it only about redundancy, correct, but with the DP it’s really about scaling up and out. But still, a CP is no longer on the bus with the DP, nor on the network. It’s on the WAN/Internet, and latencies are orders of magnitude greater. Is anybody doing this and are those latencies acceptable?