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My spammy sense is going nuts just at the whole ALL CAPS of this guy's
last name.

I thought all-uppercase last names were a traditional French convention...
This guy is French, isn't he? - judging by his name.

His habit of addressing everyone as "Mister" is peculiar indeed, but
maybe he is really just very new to the customs and conventions of the
Anglophone Internet community?

Just wondering...


I'm not sure of conventions, but he just referred to me as Mister Bruns in private e-mail. Not a good way to get on my good side, given Brielle is a French name that means 'exalted goddess'. :slight_smile:

Though he seems highly optimistic that I should develop for him. *rolls eyes*

Misses, Misters,

I have read with interest what everybody told in this thread and it seems that they consider everything new as spam.

My conclusion is that they fear what it is new.

Best Regards,

Guillaume FORTAINE

Dig up.

Probably not. He has been trolling techie lists for a few years. Some of his previous vaporware projects included designing a new cell phone, and a "secure OS".

Not sure what his motivation is. He usually wants people to donate knowledge and time to his projects, which never go anywhere.

Misses, Misters,

There are people who know my name but theirs isn't familiar to me. Especially, they are mentioning really old stuff. I am asking myself :

a) Why do they remember me ?

b) How do you remember me ?

My new "vaporware" is there my friend :



Sponsored by the US Army, 10 years of R&D :wink: !

Best Regards,

Guillaume FORTAINE

Lets do something, here is somebody that can help you with your projects.

Call INEG INC at 214-244-4827 and ask for Jeffrey, he is the CSO/DIR.
Internet Network Eng. SR. Eng. Network data security IDNS. div. of
Information Network Eng.

I'm almost sure he will be a perfect match for what you are looking for.


Ok, off topic, but hey, its St.Patricks day gotta have a laugh.

His responses remind me of this fellow in Nigeria. He (Prince Tatobany)
really needed my help, and thankfully I was there to lend a hand. Hopefully
someone will help him out with his endeavors and his spam ^h^h^h^h


Dear Mister Amodio,

Thank you for your reply."Information+Network+Engineering+Group"&cd=3&hl=en&ct=clnk

Jeff Williams' FAQ. (99/01)