[Cryptography] Opening Discussion: Speculation on "BULLRUN"

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Now is pretty clear, Randy is The Mole !!!! ROFL


I was also there in 2003, and for a long time before that, and was also one of the voices that was saying that we needed opt-in, and protection from zone walking, or else the thing wouldn't fly. I don't recall that any 1 person was the reason those things didn't happen sooner than they did; in fact I recall near-universal sentiment that zone walking was a non-issue, and that opt-in defeated the very nature of what DNSSEC was trying to accomplish.

Fast forward to my time at IANA in 2004 and after considerable behind the scenes organization a coalition of TLD registries came forward and said that they would not deploy DNSSEC without those 2 features, and were willing to dedicate the resources to create them. So it was not 1 person who stopped DNSSEC deployment, and it wasn't 1 person who made it happen.

Your larger point about fiefdoms and oligarchies in the IETF is, however, tragically accurate. The blindness of the DNSSEC literati to the real-world needs was a huge part of what caused the delay in deployment on the authoritative side, and the malaise caused by the decade+ of fighting to get it out the door is a big contributor to what's preventing any real solution to the last mile problem (which is what it takes to make DNSSEC really useful).


In case you missed it, Jari Arkko, Chair of the IETF and Stephen
Farrell, IETF Security Area Director, just posted: