Cross-country connectivity

NANOG people:

I would like to obtain a cross-counrty dedicated data circuit (NYC <-> LA
to be exact), and I would like suggestions regarding
telco/topology/technology/etc. I would like something that can provide ~
200k - 1.5M of bandwidth, and is relatively inexpensive.

Any suggestions/insight would be greatly appreciated.


Look for ICI (Intermedia Communications Inc). They do pretty good
frame-relay. I know they have a pop in LA, and _probably_ NYC.

I hope they're a bit more clueful than they were when they were the
uplink for the ISP I ran a couple years back. They upgraded their
Cascade at 6pm Friday... and my two pops were down most of the weekend
-- they had to fly a Cascade guy in.

And their NOC was only open weekdays, 7-23.

-- jra