Crazy flying netbios packets

On the subject of Windows generated useless traffic, I have been woking with
RIPE to look at how many queries to are for dud TLDs -
the majority of which are caused by Windows using the DNS to look up the
local NT domain name - requests of the form "FOO."

The results are somewhat scary - it seems that around 20% of all queries
are generated by this behaviour. I can't give you any more info at present,
as we are still working on the data - it is literally something I am in the
middle of doing at the moment, but wanted to give a quick heads up to folks
in the light of this thread.


Which, for a true root server with a working set of a couple of hundred
kilobytes of data (and a couple of megabytes including buffer space, bss,
and text) is absolutely irrelavent.

Now if you want to talk about *misconfigured* servers which happen to have
2M+ entries on them because they are *also* serving TLDs, well, perhaps
there the processing time and requirements *are* relavent.