Craptastic Service! (was: Re: comcast price check)

This is BS how narrow minded our providers are.

It is also BS how high the expectations are for the $$ spent. :wink:

-Jim P.

I don't think the expectations are that high for the money spent. They
are promising a service for a particular price. They either deliver on
that service in a 100% working condition or its false advertising and
thus is not honest. It isn't the customers fault they decided to promise
a service at a price blow market value.

Jim Popovitch wrote:

What did the customer's contract state? I suspect the contract
differs greatly from your text above.

Never let marketing madness deliver non-legally binding expectations. :wink:

-Jim P.

While this is true, I had a 4 hour negotiated SLA with Bellsouth (AT&T) for any outages on my DSL business circuit and I was paying alot less.