Craigslist hacked?

Is anyone else seeing their local craigslist redirected to another site
other than craigslist? I see it loading

I can't reach my local one or the Fresno one. Server unreachable.

Not here, spyware maybe?

Comes up normal for me in LA, on twc.

Not seeing that here The local site and the general http;// both look to be going to the correct site.

strange when I go to Boise.craigslist or I get a site
that shows digital Gangster for life as the title. so do some of the other
tools outside my network.

Same here, New Jersey.

Maybe an area based issue. tons of reports here

down for me and


* and * have been offline since about 16:40 Pacific Standard Time from at least three different networks I have access to. From the limited poking around I've done it looks like it could be a DNS hijacking.

I haven't seen anything about it on the outages list yet ...


Boston is just fine, and all the links from there, to other craigslist sites seem to be working as well.

Chaim Rieger wrote:

CoSprings list is coming up fine.

Im seeing it resolve to on my network and on

yes it's been hijacked thru registrar level and someone was able to change
name servers, now it's back to normal but you will need to clear your
caches and perhaps your ISP too. (if you are using , they have
already cleared the caches)

Sponsoring Registrar:Network Solutions, LLC (R63-LROR) seems to be
registrar, would be fun to read the post-mortem.

Is anyone else seeing their local craigslist redirected to another site
other than craigslist? I see it loading digitalgangster dot com Database Error.

Over on [dns-operations]:

I did a cache flush at googledns and it started resolving to a different IP
than the one earlier. Thinking the DNS may have been compromised somewhere.
New IP is old one was

Looking at San Diego. Suspecting an issue with Google DNS.

Google--> dig @ +short

My resolver--> dig +short

Authoritative--> dig @ +short +norec

and what tasty things did the hijacker's web site serve?


I get the favicon.ico but Chrome says Error code: ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT

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Firefox on my Mac started acting very strangely after encountering one of the 'unresponsive' versions of Apparent browser hangs, javascript script timeouts, and odd things related to the browser history.

I restored ~/Library/Application\ Support/Firefox from a Time Machine snapshot taken just before the Craigslist hack, and all appears fine now.

I have to diff between the two versions of that directory before I claim the website hack had anything to do with it, but for now Mac Firefox users might want to be wary ...

(Note: Mac OS 10.9.5 and Firefox 33.1 are what I was running.)